How a Sign Company Views the Economy, Federal Support

By August 9, 2010Economy

The most notable thing about President Obama’s visit to a Washington, D.C., sign manufacturer Friday was not the President’s comments, or his traveling the short distance via helicopter, but the remarks from Guy Brami, principal of Gelberg Signs, about the company’s investment plans and its role in the community.

From the news release, “President Barack Obama Visits Washington, DC Based Gelberg Signs“:

“We see Gelberg Signs as a threshold company,” said Guy Brami, principal of Gelberg Signs, along with his brothers Luc and Neil. “We are not using the SBA loans or the federal tax incentives to just get by, but rather using them as a springboard to fuel our future growth. What we seek at this point is additional capital to take advantage of our excess capacity and potential revenue.”

Gelberg operates with a “double bottom line return” philosophy, and hopes to find the right company or investor that sees the opportunities that exist within its double bottom line return. “We believe healthy financial returns must be met by equal return to our local community and employees. That is, not just the returns from the business, but also the good and important work we’re doing in the community,” added Brami.

We think that’s a representative point of view for many small businesses, well-worth noting: Even though Gelberg Signs took advantage of the job-hiring tax credit, the company does not consider itself dependent on federal dollars, has plans for growth, and is a good member of the community. The PR-savvy business — they are in the sign business, after all — has photos and video of the President’s appearance at its website,

The International Sign Association also released a statement on the President’s visit:

ISA President & CEO Lori Anderson said that “President Obama and his administration are to be commended for recognizing the vital role played by sign manufacturers in our nation’s economic recovery and for providing them with the tools needed to bring their innovation, creativity, and manufacturing expertise to the forefront of the battle to create new jobs in America.”

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  • I’d like to know what “Tools” Lori of ISA is referring to that Obama is giving “us”?

    In this God awful economy mostly to the enlarging of our government by this administration it’s a “miracle” for anyone who can claw their way out of of this current economic situation.

  • Growing companies who spend wisely and invest in the future is what is needed. Nice to see that there are a few smart fellows out and about making the right kind of change.

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