Friday Factory Tune: I’m a Tool Pusher from Snyder

By August 27, 2010Friday Factory Tune

Since today is the 151st anniversary of oil being struck at Titusville, Pa., we looked for a song that celebrates the prosperity that oil products have brought the world. But everyone already knows all the great songs about driving.

So, instead here’s a song about a roughneck, Slim Willet singing his 1950 tune, “Tool Pusher from Snyder.” No video of his performing, but we do have the lyrics:

I’ve got a gal in Snyder
She’s a whole like the town
She’s bigger than she was a year ago
When we had our ups and downs
I know she’ll never marry me
‘Cause she’s not duty bound
She says all I can think about
Is ten miles underground

Now it’s oil I’m after
That’s why I’m drilling down
I’m a tool pusher from Snyder
A little Nortwestern town
***I’ve drilled in Kilgore, Beaumont, Borger
This is the best I’ve found
I’ll keep tool pushin’ on a rotary rig
Till I’m six feet underground

Slim also wrote a fine energy-themed song, “El Paso Gas,” but he’s best known for “Don’t Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes.”

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