Commerce’s Sanchez Highlights Trade Initiatives

By August 6, 2010Energy, Trade

In a media roundtable Thursday, Undersecretary of Commerce Francisco Sanchez mentioned several Administration initiatives that are due a little more attention. Sanchez:

I headed a mission to Eastern Europe focusing on civil nuclear, where we went to Poland, the Czech Republican and Slovakia. All thee countries are looking at replacing or enhancing their civil nuclear sector, and those provide critical opportunities for our companies – not only the ones who provide the technologies, but there are a whole host of services that come with that. That’s not anything that’s going to bear fruit tomorrow, but if you talk to the industries that attended, they were very pleased and felt the progress had been made.

 Sanchez reported on the mission at Tradeology, the International Trade Administration’s blog, in July.

The other novel venture:

People expect you to look at the emerging markets of China, Brazil, India, next-tier markets like Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Vietnam. But we think we can take that a step further. We’re looking at trying to be the first to market, if you will, in emerging cities, so we’re not just looking at emerging market countries, but emerging cities.

The first place we’re going to take a look at trying to do this is in India. India over the next 20 yaers will have 68 cities that have a million or more inhabitants. A lot of business, a lot of companies today tend to go to the usual suspects. They go to Mumbai, they go to Delhi, and you can probably add to that list another three or four cities. We’re not looking at bringing American companies into these next, next-tier cities, where we believe if we’re first to market, we build relationships with good quality products and services, it can give us a competitive advantage.

You can hear Under Secretary Sanchez’s opening comments here.

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