Circumnetting the Economy, Trade

By August 6, 2010Economy, Trade

USA TODAY, “Some manufacturing heads back to USA“: “A small but growing band of U.S. manufacturers — including giants such as General Electric (GE), NCR (NCR) and Caterpillar (CAT)— are turning the seemingly inexorable offshoring movement on its head, bringing some production to the U.S. from far-flung locations such as China. Others that were buying components overseas are switching to U.S. suppliers.”, “Economy sputters as companies add only 71,000 jobs in July“: “The nation’s economy continued to sputter as private-sector employers added just 71,000 jobs in July, according to a report released Friday by the Labor Department….The small increase in private-sector employment was more than offset by the loss of 143,000 temporary census jobs, and the nation’s unemployment rate remained unchanged at 9.5 percent.

Bloomberg, “Romer Resigns in Second Exit for Obama Economy Team“: “Aug. 6 (Bloomberg) — President Barack Obama lost a second member of his economic team as economist Christina Romer decided to return to teaching on the eve of an employment report highlighting the administration’s struggle to spur job gains.”

Associated Press, “U.S. Farmers May Soon Sell More Corn to China“: “DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — China could be about to increase its corn imports, offering American farmers a chance for greater profits but making it likely U.S. meat producers who use the grain for feed would have to raise their prices. ”

The Hill, “Dems ready to push China on currency manipulation“: “Democrats are planning a legislative push on China this fall as they work to promote their support for U.S. manufacturers ahead of the midterm elections. Legislation targeting China’s currency is at the forefront of the effort.”, Portland, Maine, “Obama adviser visits Maine to promote trade initiative“: “BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — Top government trade representative Ron Kirk is making a few stops in the state and while he’s in town, Mainers have been asking him tough questions about their job security.”

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