Card Check, the AFL-CIO, and President Obama’s Remarks

We couldn’t have said it better,” one of the AFL-CIO’s bloggers posted about President Obama’s answer to the question posed to President Obama on Wednesday by union President Richard Trumka. Or differently, one supposes.

The NAM’s Keith Smith reacted to the President’s remarks in a Shopfloor post yesterday, “If EFCA Won’t Pass the Senate, We’ll Turn to Federal Labor Boards.” The Bloomberg story, “Obama Tells Labor Leaders He’ll Pursue Union-Friendly Agenda,” reported the NAM’s objections to the strategy of using Executive Branch agencies to push through labor’s policy priorities that could not make it through Congress.

The Wall Street Journal, meanwhile, reports on other business groups disturbed by President’s appeals and alliance with Big Labor. From “Obama Seeks to Reassure Labor of Support“:

Glenn Spencer, an executive director with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, challenged Mr. Obama’s continued support of the Employee Free Choice Act. “We welcome the president’s call to rebuild our economy,” said Mr. Spencer, but “imposing government-dictated union contracts on employers won’t help.” He added that “overbearing regulations” from the Department of Labor or “a slanted” NLRB would only discourage America’s job creators from putting people back to work.

And Katie Packer, executive director of the Workforce Fairness Institute observed, “Worse yet, Obama supports going around the legislative branch and using unelected members of regulatory agencies to enact Big Labor’s agenda of forced unionization.”

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