Who’s Really Leaving Small Business Behind?

By July 28, 2010Economy, Taxation

The Senate is currently debating a bill (H.R. 5297) that would extend bonus depreciation and expand a small business loan program. The Manufacturers have no problem with these provisions, and in fact, we’ve been on the record supporting both.*

Unfortunately, this isn’t enough for some folks. To be honest, it gets a little tiring to hear rhetoric claiming that we are “leaving small business behind” or that “small business is being held hostage by partisan politics.” The reality is that passing this bill at a time when small businesses are facing trillions of dollars in new taxes in less than six months is sort of like buying new furniture for someone facing foreclosure. 

In a recent survey conducted by RSM McGladrey, more than 85 percent of small- and medium-sized manufacturers said they were concerned about increased tax rates –- with 61 percent reporting they were very concerned.  By not acting, Congress will be increasing the top rates for small business owners to nearly 40 percent, increasing the estate tax to 55 percent, and nearly tripling the tax on dividend income.  One can logically ask: Exactly who is leaving small business owners behind?

* The National Association of Manufacturers joined this coalition letter and this one in support of extended bonus depreciation. The NAM is a member of the Small Business Access to Credit Coalition, which last week sent this letter to the Senate urging support for extending and improving SBA loan programs.

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