President Obama, Factory Visits and ‘Clean Energy’

By July 12, 2010Economy, Energy, Taxation

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs appeared on Meet the Press on Sunday. From the transcript:

The president will travel this week to Holland, Michigan. Michigan, everybody in this country knows, is, is, is home to auto manufacturing in a big way. But what the president’s going to go visit is the ninth of nine advanced battery manufacturing plants–this will be a ground breaking–that will create jobs, that will supply advanced batteries for the Chevy Volt, an electric car that Chevy’s going to manufacture and will get a hundred miles on a single charge. This is the ninth of nine that’s are–as a result of that recovery act plan. Just in 2010, we produced 2 percent of the world’s advanced batteries. In other words, to produce something like the Chevy Volt, we were going to have to bring batteries in from overseas. As a result of this Recovery Act investment that is met with private capital, in just five years, by 2015, we’ll manufacture 40 percent of the world’s batteries. That creates the jobs of tomorrow. So we have a choice. Are we going to go back to the movie that we’ve already seen and we know the results, or are we going to look forward?

President Obama has done a good job of visiting manufacturers during his tenure, favoring facilities involved with “clean energy” and advanced battery manufacturing. The stop at Holland, Mich., to tour the LG Chem battery plant will be his 15th at a manufacturing plant since taking office, and the eighth with some relation to “clean energy,” i.e., renewable fuels, wind turbines, solar power and advanced batteries.

We’ve put together a spreadsheet of the President’s site visits to manufacturers, the information collected from You can read the spreadsheet here.

President Bush also liked to visit manufacturers, stressing his economic policy and tax relief.

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