NAM’s Engler: It Takes a Comprehensive Manufacturing Strategy

By July 26, 2010Economy, Energy

As previewed last week, House Democratic leadership has scheduled several bills this week to emphasize the caucus’ commitment to the manufacturing economy. On the weekly floor schedule are pieces of the House “Make it in America” agenda:

  • H.R. 5156, Clean Energy Technology Manufacturing and Export Assistance Act of 2010 (Rep. Matsui – Energy and Commerce)
  • H.R. 4692, National Manufacturing Strategy Act of 2010 (Rep. Lipinski – Energy and Commerce)
  • The first bill creates a Clean Energy Technology Manufacturing and Export Assistance Fund in the Department of Commerce. The second calls for establishment of a President’s Manufacturing Strategy Board to research and propose a manufacturing strategy every four years.

    Last week, the House passed H.R. 4380, the Miscellaneous Tariff Bill, which had been redubbed the U.S. Manufacturing Enhancement. The measure passed with strong bipartisan support, and the NAM issued a statement lauding its passage.

    Anticipating this week’s emphasis on manufacturing, President John Engler of the National Association of Manufacturers has taped a video message, urging Congress to act on the NAM’s “Manufacturing Strategy for Jobs and a Competitive America.”


    The National Association of Manufacturers appreciates the fact that the House will spend the last week of July talking about the manufacturing economy. But it’s not enough…it’s simply not enough.

    The hard truth is that our manufacturers are often at a disadvantage today. Other countries, and the governments of those countries, are crafting consistent, supportive policies to back their industries, to back their manufacturers. But here in the United States, regulations, taxes, new mandates keep piling up, making the country a tougher and tougher place in which to do business. We don’t have a battle plan, we don’t have a strategy.

    The United States believes needs a consistent, comprehensive, supportive approach toward manufacturing – indeed, a manufacturing strategy. The NAM has put together just such a plan. We call it the “Manufacturing Strategy for Jobs and a Competitive America.”

    The plan is available at

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    • AE Houston says:

      President John Engler is encouraging a very different approach that unfortunately includes the tired old approach of cutting taxes for the wealthy so they get even richer, breaking unions so the rest of us get poorer, making if impossible for citizens to use the courts to get justice when big companies cause harms (“tort reform”), further deregulating big corporations so they can harm workers and the environment at will, importing workers who are paid less to force reductions in American wages, etc.

      Hey guys, give it up – those conservative policies have already failed us, BIG time. Get on board with the Making It In America initiative!

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