It is Business

By July 5, 2010Economy, Taxation

Larry Kudlow makes what should be an obvious point, one that’s too often overlooked. From his latest column, “Business-Power Neglect“:

This whole debate about government stimulus versus austerity, and the impact of these policies on economic growth, misses a key point: It is business, not government, that creates jobs.

The economic power of business is the missing link in the faux debate that is now raging over spending and deficit policies. A brief look at the recent jobs report for June tells this story. After spending more than $1 trillion through so-called government stimulus, we are at best experiencing a grinding and anemic jobs recovery. Private payrolls are growing slowly. The workweek is again shrinking. And average hourly earnings have declined. The unemployment rate dropped to 9.5 percent, but that’s because 650,000 people left the labor force.

Kudlow comments on the anti-competitive, high corporate tax rates in the United States.

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