House Passes Manufacturing-Related Bills

By July 29, 2010Energy, General, Trade

The House of Representatives on Wednesday passed three bills that Democratic leadership featured in its “Make it in America” manufacturing-themed week.

Here is the summary of the floor action taken from The Congressional Record’s Daily Digest. Consideration started on Page H6169.

National Manufacturing Strategy Act of 2010: H.R. 4692, amended, to require the President to prepare a quadrennial National Manufacturing Strategy, by a 2/3 yea-and-nay vote of 379 yeas to 38 nays, Roll No. 477; Pages H6169-79, H6214-15

Clean Energy Technology Manufacturing and Export Assistance Act of 2010: H.R. 5156, amended, to provide for the establishment of a Clean Energy Technology Manufacturing and Export Assistance Fund to assist United States businesses with exporting clean energy technology products and services; Pages H6179-83

End the Trade Deficit Act: H.R. 1875, amended, to establish an Emergency Commission to End the Trade Deficit; Pages H6183-89

Agreed to amend the title so as to read: “To establish the Emergency Trade Deficit Commission.”.
Page H6189

The last bill was amended to remove the objectionable provisions that would have prevented a President from submitting trade agreements to Congres before the commission completed its action.

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer made a statement on the floor about manufacturing’s importance to the U.S. economy and workers.

The National Association of Manufacturers believes it will take enactment of comprehensive manufacturing strategy, which includes substantive policies on such issues taxes, trade and energy, to improve the competitive environment in which manufacturers in the United States operate. The policy guide and call to action is the NAM’s “Manufacturing Strategy for Jobs and a Competitive America.”

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