Contradictions: Labor Secretary Promotes Job Killing Legislation

By July 7, 2010Labor Unions

In recognizing the 75th anniversary of the National Labor Relations Act at the Huffington Post, Labor Secretary Hilda Solis gave a plug for organized labor’s highest priority: the Employee Free Choice Act. It’s troubling to see the Secretary of Labor — whose mission is to administer our nation’s employment laws and foster an environment that supports employers’ jobs creation – advocating a proposal that will kill hundreds of thousands of American jobs.

The Secretary writes that she and President Obama support the proposal “so workers can form unions if they choose to without fear or pressure.” But this misguided legislation does just the opposite. By effectively eliminating secret ballot union elections the legislation would only expose employees to greater pressure and intimidation when making the important decisions about forming a union.

We observe that the Secretary uses the popular political cliché of “leveling the playing field.” However, this legislation would acutely tilt the careful balance of fairness upon which our labor laws are based.

We do agree with one point that the Secretary makes: “As we work together to overcome our own Great Recession we need strategies that create Good Jobs.” However, none of the proposals she outlines would either create or help retain jobs.

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