Card Check: This Lame Duck Won’t Fly

By July 9, 2010Labor Unions

Speaking of lame ideas, the Employee Free Choice Act …

From John Fund, Wall Street Journal, “The Obama-Pelosi Lame Duck Strategy“:

In the House, Arizona Rep. Raul Grijalva, co-chairman of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, told reporters last month that for bills like “card check”—the measure to curb secret-ballot union elections—”the lame duck would be the last chance, quite honestly, for the foreseeable future.”

Iowa Sen. Tom Harkin, chair of the Senate committee overseeing labor issues, told the Bill Press radio show in June that “to those who think [card check] is dead, I say think again.” He told Mr. Press “we’re still trying to maneuver” a way to pass some parts of the bill before the next Congress is sworn in.

Whether it’s before or after the election, you can be sure business will remain dedicated to fighting this anti-democratic, jobs-killing proposal to force union membership on unwilling employees. Today’s Union Leader reports, “Business groups fight union organizing bill“:

CONCORD – A new alliance of business owners plans to exert pressure this election season against a federal bill that would make it easier for workers to unionize.

The Alliance for New Hampshire Jobs said yesterday it will send candidates a questionnaire on the Employee Free Choice Act, and publish their answers before the Sept. 14 primary elections.

Paul Young, state director of the new alliance, said the EFCA “is a job killer, plain and simple.”

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