Before There Were Walkmen, Before There Were iPods…


From the Brady C. Jefcoat Museum, Murphreesboro, N.C.:

There are over 13,000 items on display including glassware, toasters, farm tools and equipment, period furniture, and many other items that fill the more than 17,000 square feet of display space in the historical Murfreesboro High School building.

Mr. Jefcoat started his collection over 35 years ago and has continued to add selected items from far and near. The collection includes the largest exhibit in America of washing machine equipment, butter churns, irons, and “music boxes.”

It’s an excellent place to visit for a reminder of how much sheer drudgery most Americans’ lives involved before the invention and mass production of refrigerators, washers and dryers, electric irons and other modern conveniences. So stop all the grousing!

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