Ah, That’s Who is Attending the Trial Lawyers Convention

By July 12, 2010Briefly Legal

Last week we alluded to the absence of any media reporting on the American Association for Justice’s annual convention in Vancouver, B.C., observing, “The AAJ has yet to publicize its major speakers at this year’s event — any leading U.S. politicians or candidates? — although trial lawyer extraordinaire Ron Motley will receive the AAJ’s Lifetime Achievement Award.”

David Fredosso of The Examiner newspapers answers our parenthetical question in a blog post, “Trial lawyers raise money for Senate Dems at event in Canada“:

Republicans are pouncing on Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., for joining a group of politically active trial lawyers last night in Vancouver, British Columbia, to raise money for himself and other Democratic Senate candidates. The event occurred at the American Association for Justice convention.

Contributors were invited to give up to $43,200, with the default allocation going 20 percent to Reid, 9.3 percent to Sen. Michael Bennet, D-Colo., and about 7 percent to ten other Democratic Senate candidates.

Only coverage we see so far. [Update: Here’s CNN’s blog.] Trying to avoid examination of its political activism, AAJ has done little to publicize its activities in Canada outside of its own membership. Not eve any Tweets.

UPDATE (3:52 p.m.): CNN’s Political Ticker blog also has the story, reporting, “According to a Democratic source, eight Democratic Senate candidates also attended the fundraiser, which was held in Vancouver, British Columbia. One of the eight, Rep. Charlie Melancon of Louisiana, became the target of an NRSC email release Monday afternoon.” Yes, the NRSC is milking this for all its worth. You would think the AAJ would shout its influence to the world, wouldn’t you?

UPDATE (7:15 p.m.): Lynn Sweet of The Chicago Sun-Times has the Illinois angle. Why would Senate candidates be embarrassed about attending a trial lawyers’ convention to raise campaign funds? British Columbia. It must be the B.C. connection.

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