Rockefeller, Murkowski, Inhofe, Lincoln on S.J.Res. 26

Reaction and debate excerpts on the Senate’s 47-53 vote defeating the motion to proceed to S.J.Res. 26, the resolution disapproving the EPA’s regulation of greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act.

Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-WV) had perhaps the strongest, clearest statement of all. From his release and floor statement, “A VOTE FOR WEST VIRGINIA’S ECONOMIC FUTURE“:

I rise today to lend my support to Senator Murkowski’s Resolution of Disapproval for one simple but enormously important reason: because I believe we must send a strong and urgent message that the fate of our economy, our manufacturing industries, and our workers should never be placed solely in the hands of the federal Environmental Protection Agency.

I have long maintained that the Congress, the elected voice of the people – and not the unelected EPA – must decide major economic and energy policy. It is our job – because we represent the people of this country. We are accountable to them.

Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), sponsor of S.J.Res. 26, issued a statement after the vote, “Public Deserved Vote on EPA Climate Regulations“:

“I had hopes, for the security of our economy, that we would prevail today,” Murkowski said. “But regardless of the outcome, I believe it’s important that every member of the Senate is on the record on whether they think the EPA regulation is the appropriate way to address climate issues.

All Republicans and six Democrats voted in favor of proceeding to consideration of the resolution, but it lost 47-53.

Murkowski, a strong proponent of moving the nation toward a cleaner energy future, said the disapproval resolution would have avoided the coming “economic train wreck” EPA regulation of greenhouse gases is expected to cause.

Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK), ranking member on the Senate Environmental and Public Works Committee, issued a statement, “BIPARTISAN SENATE MAJORITY AGREES TO REIN IN OBAMA EPA ON GLOBAL WARMING“:

No matter how one interprets today’s vote on the Murkowski resolution, one thing is absolutely clear: there is a bipartisan majority in the US Senate that supports either a delay of, or an outright ban on, the Obama EPA’s job-killing global warming agenda.

While I absolutely support overturning the endangerment finding, I also stand ready to work with my colleagues on alternative approaches that would give Congress more time to develop rational energy policies and restrain EPA’s ability to impose backdoor energy taxes on the American people.

The consequences of this issue are far too grave to stand down after today’s vote. EPA’s global warming agenda must be stopped.

Before the vote, a statement from Sen. Blanche Lincoln (D-AR), “Lincoln Delivers Remarks in Support of Resolution to Blocking Heavy-Handed EPA Regulation“:

Unfortunately, EPA regulation of greenhouse gases does not move us any closer to a clean energy future or to reduce our dependency on foreign oil.  And, furthermore, it is simply the wrong tool for addressing greenhouse gas emissions. 

Congress – not unelected bureaucrats – should be making the complicated, multi-faceted decisions on energy and climate policy. 

Furthermore, it is a widely shared view, that the Clean Air Act, with its command-and-control approach to regulating air emissions, is the wrong fit for addressing greenhouse gas emissions. 

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