Manufacturing: Indiana Performing

The Fort Wayne News-Sentinel covered NAM President John Engler’s remarks Thursday at the Economic Club of Indiana, “State’s biz success praised.” Excerpt:

In particular, he said [Gov. Mitch] Daniels’ quick response in cutting spending as revenues fell, as well as Daniels’ emphasis on trying to improve vocational training, align well with his view of how government should encourage manufacturing.

“Your governor’s priorities dovetail nicely with manufacturing across the United States,” he said.

He said manufacturing nationally is continuing a slow recovery from the depth of the recession, but he said a vigorous recovery of that crucial sector in the American economy won’t be cemented until consumer demand rebounds, business investment picks up and exports increase.

As he explained, manufacturing is a still a mainstay of American business. The U.S. produces 21 percent of the world’s output of manufactured goods.

“We are still far and away the greatest manufacturing economy in the world,” Engler said.

He disparaged national lawmakers as much as he praised Daniels. Many officeholders in Washington, he said, “love jobs, but have little regard for job providers.”

Glenn Harkness of the Economic Club also tweeted Engler’s speech at, and he did a nice job.

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