It Is Goodwill Industries, After All

By June 3, 2010General

Introducing NAM President John Engler today at the Economic Club of Indiana in Fort Wayne is Jim McClelland, president of Goodwill Industries of Central Indiana, Inc. The Indiana Business Journal sat down with McClelland recently as part of its series of interviews with top executives, “Leading Questions.”

Great stuff:

Jim McClelland has been a fixture in the city’s not-for-profit world since 1974, when he became president of Goodwill Industries of Central Indiana Inc. He has piloted the organization from $2.8 million in revenue when he first took the helm to $72.8 million in 2009, reinventing its business model a few times along the way.

An industrial engineer by training, McClelland became interested in service work while tutoring inner-city children in Washington, D.C. He was offered a position in Goodwill Industries’ executive training program, which he accepted after some reluctance.

“I didn’t want to be an executive; I never aspired to be a leader,” he said. “What I’ve been able to do here is exercise my entrepreneurial instincts but at the same time get the same satisfaction I was getting from that volunteer experience.”

An industrial engineer!

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