DISCLOSE: Polling Used to Justify Speech Limits is Old, Bunk

Here is the polling memo released Monday by sponsors of H.R. 5175, the DISCLOSE Act, to claim that the public opposes the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Citizens United v. FEC and strongly supports the pending legislation in response.  The Hill had reported on the release of the document, but overlooked the key fact that it’s just rehash of past partisan polling.

Yes, it turns out sponsors are not even shopping new polling results, they’re just repackaging the old, DNC/Benenson Group polling from February. Old, partisan polling is being used to justify legislation to regulate and restrict the First Amendment.

Awful. Cynical and awful.

P.S. Here’s an example of the loaded questions, which produced the desired responses:

  • 56% agree that “this Supreme Court Decision is wrong because it endangers our democracy and national interests by letting foreign corporations and those with ties to foreign governments spend millions to influence American elections.”
  • Only 29% agree that the decision was right because it “overturned a law that limited the free speech of groups by preventing them from speaking out on political issues that affect them.” (BSG/DNC, 2/2/10)

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