DISCLOSE: House Rules Could Vote Today on Bill to Limit Speech

From The Hill:

The House Rules Committee on Wednesday is expected to consider the Disclose Act, legislation authored by Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.) that requires greater disclosure on campaign funding.

The chamber could vote on the bill as early as Thursday and leadership is confident they will have the votes to pass it, according to a House aide.

Earlier on Tuesday, Van Hollen’s office released poll results showing the bill has overwhelming bipartisan support with 87 percent of Republicans and 91 percent of Independents supporting the bill. Over 90 percent of Democrats also support the measure.

That must be a disinterested, carefully balanced poll with questions designed to elicit useful responses from the public about their views on the First Amendment and campaign expenditures. We just need to check the polling document…

Unfortunately, Rep. Van Hollen’s office website does not have the full survey, including the polling document, online. Neither is it online at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, which Van Hollen chairs. We don’t find it online anywhere.

Guess the commitment to transparency only goes so far.

P.S. As of 8:37 a.m., the House Rules Committee does not have any meeting listed on H.R. 5175.

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  • This act is absurd! One more example of stripping the rights of American guarenteed by the US Constitution whihc you Sir, swore to uphold when you were sworn into office.

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