Better than Public Service Announcements

By June 25, 2010Infrastructure

Three items from this morning’s Washington Post, pondered as we trudged up and down the stalled escalators…

Influx of ads for military weapons throwing commuters for a loop“:

In the market for a shiny new combat ship? If so, you might be interested in the ads appearing in Metro stations around Washington. “The shape of littoral dominance has a familiar look,” Lockheed Martin says over a photo of a sleek naval vessel cutting the waves.

Or how about a nice attack helicopter? Boeing may have just the thing.

AP, “Wash. governor seeks reforms, budget overhauls“:

With a slow economic recovery hammering state revenues, Gov. Chris Gregoire on Thursday suggested selling naming rights to state properties, privatizing state ferries and taking other bold steps as possible solutions to Washington’s long-term budget problems.

D.C. Metro fare increases begin over the weekend“:

If you use Metro, you’ll pay more for your trips beginning this weekend.

Metro’s board of directors authorized an extensive package of fare increases Thursday as the agency approved a $1.4 billion operating budget and a plan to cover a projected $189 million shortfall for the fiscal year that begins July 1.

Simple, win-win solution: Metro sells the naming rights to escalator repairs to defense contractors, and the companies prove their merit by getting the broken devices back in operation faster than Metro does. Budget problems addressed, and surely the repairs will be accomplished more expeditiously.

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