Al Gore: How Dare the Senate Vote on the Murkowski EPA Resolution

From a fund-raising e-mail by Repower America, a group known primarily for its exhortations:

Yesterday, thanks to your hard work, the U.S. Senate did the right thing — voting with the climate science and against a resolution that would have stripped the Clean Air Act’s protections against climate pollution.

The Senate is to be commended for defeating Senator Lisa Murkowski’s disastrously misguided proposal. But the truth is, in the face of the worst environmental disaster in our nation’s history, Senator Murkowski’s resolution never should have even reached the Senate floor.

It’s bad enough that some people want to debate this issue, now the Senate presumes to actually vote on setting environmental and economic policy? Outrageous! All power must rest with the EPA.

The full fundraising e-mail is here.

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