A Drilling Moratorium, Killing Jobs

By June 10, 2010Economy, Energy

John Engler, president of the National Association of Manufacturers, has an op-ed in today’s Washington Times, “Drilling moratorium is a jobs moratorium“:

As economic woes continue to mount, the Obama administration now says it will work quickly to reopen some exploration and development of offshore oil and natural gas. Unfortunately, this is not enough. I believe our national priorities are the following: The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico must be contained and the damage cur- tailed. The causes of the accident need to be understood and corrected so that future episodes can be prevented.

However, our country cannot afford to use this accident as an excuse for an overbroad moratorium that stops progress to the detriment of our economic and national security. We do not need to choose between energy security and environmental safety. We need to continue to strive for both.

The Wall Street Journal editorialized on the issue Wednesday, “A Second Oil Disaster: The deep water drilling moratorium threatens Gulf state economies.”

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