Talking Manufacturing in Indiana

By May 31, 2010Economy

From The Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, “Manufacturers make plan“:

FORT WAYNE – Catchy sayings can’t convey the complexity of what federal officials need to do to re-energize the economy, a former Michigan governor says.

John Engler, now president of the National Association of Manufacturers, said if one simple strategy could address all the issues, his group probably would have been able to persuade national leaders to adopt it by now.

“Unfortunately, when you’re facing the most intense global competition that our nation’s ever known, it’s many things,” he said. “This is not easy stuff. And this doesn’t lend itself to slogans as much as it does to thoughtful, detailed policy analysis and then consistent action by decision makers.”

Yes, what’s really needed is a multifaceted, comprehensive manufacturing strategy.

Engler speaks Thursday at the Economic Club of Indiana, holding its meeting in Fort Wayne.

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