It’s Probably an Old Joke, But We Thought it Was Funny

By May 27, 2010Economy, General

In preparation for NAM President John Engler’s speech next Thursday to the Economic Club of Indiana, we’ve been reading up on things Hoosier and came across this speech by Gov. Mitch Daniels to the same organization in March. The governor has a keen sense — and solid record — of how government restraint and accountability can support economic growth, so it’s a good read.

Daniels recalls his days in the 1990s as a top executive for Eli Lilly before he was named director of the Office of Management and Budget, telling this story:

I brought a little slide show along. I got up one day last week and decided because this is a data-driven and well-informed audience, and also just as a little variety over the long oration, I would try to show you a few things along the way. I hope that it will enliven and not deaden the next half hour before we get to your questions. I promised Alecia this will not make her feel like she is back at work. I hope you’ve improved on this, but there was a whole lot of PowerPoint stuff when we were at Lilly together, as I recall. Alecia and I used to say that when a Lilly scientist passed away and presented credentials to Saint Peter, if challenged for entrance, the first words would be, “First slide please.” So here you go.

Forty-six slides in total! Saint Peter wouldn’t stand a chance.

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