Friday Factory Tune: Cordoba

By May 21, 2010General

No manufacturing connection, really, although the song, “Cordoba,” first came out on the Brian End/John Cale album, “Wrong Way Up,” and Eno is the innovator behind “ambient” electronic music, so there’s an affiliation, sort of.

But the topical connections are just so strong. John Cale wrote the single best rock song about Pablo Picasso, the rude “Pablo Picasso,” and Picasso’s “The Pigeon with Peas” is in the news for its theft this week from the Paris Museum of Modern Art.

And the trivia question this morning at Caribou Coffee? “What do you study if you study enology?” Brian Eno, of course!

In any case, from a DVD of Cale performing “Fragments of a Rainy Season,” with the best version of the song.

The lyrics, about a Spanish terrorist, are interesting in that Eno extracted them from a Spanish-English phrase book in a dadaist exercise. The entire DVD is great, including Cale’s musical salute to his fellow Welshman, Dylan Thomas. For more, see the resource-rich unofficial John Cale website, Fear is a Man’s Best Friend.

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