EPA’s Regulatory Rampage Does Not Make the Case for Legislation

Reuters, “US EPA issues rules on biggest carbon polluters“:

WASHINGTON, May 13 (Reuters) – The Obama Administration finalized greenhouse gas rules for big factories and power plants on Thursday, giving momentum to the troubled climate bill in the Senate.

We see this argument a lot, but the logic fails:

  • The Environmental Protection Agency is circumventing the policy-making branch of government, Congress, by effectively rewriting the Clean Air Act to arbitrarily target CO2 emitters of its own choosing.
  • The EPA’s actions demonstrate a contempt for the separation of powers and the rule of law, and would impose huge burdens on the economy.
  • Therefore, Congress must pass legislation to enact the same things the EPA is attempting to accomplish through regulation.

Shorter version: Congress must punish the EPA’s excesses by doing what the EPA wants!

P.S. Carbon polluters? Talk about perverting science — and language — for political purposes. Makes you dread getting out of bed: Drew my first breath this morning, polluting the world as I exhaled.

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