Do You Want Lies with That? SEIU Invades Fast Food Industry

By May 14, 2010General

The Service Employees International Union has its sights on unionizing the fast food industry, encroaching on the United Food and Commercial Workers’ territory through an multifaceted, aggressive campaign that would rely on the anti-democratic force of the Employee Free Choice Act.

Peter List of has the ominous, fascinating details, “SEIU’s New Burger Queen? Internal Documents Expose Plan to Unionize Fast-Food Industry“:

Internal SEIU documents have exposed a December 2009 plan hatched to unionize the nation’s fast food workers. The SEIU plan details how the purple behemoth plans on targeting fast-food chains in Los Angeles first, the using L.A. and an “east coast” city as a spring board into other cities.

The SEIU’s plan is based on a labor landscape that is post Employee Free Choice Act, but its strategies demonstrate how the SEIU plans to use EFCA to unionize an almost-entirely union-free industry. While there is much to comment on about the SEIU plan about how a union targets workers within an industry (see highlighted text), we’re just going to you with the plan itself.

The point-by-point strategy document is well worth reading.

Ezra Klein had a piece in today’s Washington Post Online, “Andrew Stern departs the SEIU now weakened by infighting and expenses,” which reported:

[Stern’s] own union’s spending — notably the multimillion-dollar tab from internal battles he has waged — is drawing sharp criticism from within the labor movement. Stern has expanded his union, but his decisions have left it, and the labor movement as a whole, financially strapped, according to disclosure reports that have received little scrutiny.

It looks like the SEIU’s campaign of expansion is driven by the need to continue bringing in new members to disguise its shaky financial foundation. First service workers, then government workers, then fast food workers, then … manufacturers?

But the only way the SEIU can effect its scheme is by applying anti-democratic power of the Employee Free Choice Act.

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