Congress to Vote on Its Ability to Set Policy on June 10

Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) reports Senate debate has been set for June 10 on her resolution of disapproval rejecting the EPA’s attempt to control the U.S. economy through regulation of greenhouse gases. From New York Times, Green Inc., “Sen. Murkowski’s EPA Resolution on Greenhouse Gases Slated for June 10 Vote“:

“We’re going to be working through the supplemental all week, and I think we just recognize that we’re going to have a pretty full schedule,” Murkowski said. “So to find 10 hours, the other side agreed that let’s just agree to a unanimous consent.”

The Senate would debate the measure for 10 hours; no filibusters or amendments would be possible.

Our friends and NAM allies in North Dakota are clear on the issue. Writing in The Bismarck Tribune, Dave MacIver, president of the North Dakota Chamber of Commerce, argues:

America’s future economic prosperity is rooted in the ready supply of affordable domestic energy. Affordable electricity from North Dakota’s coal-based power plants supports manufacturing and service jobs across this region.

Farmers and ag-processing businesses rely on affordable and reliable power as they work to feed our nation. North Dakota coal mines and power plants, which supply the lion’s share of this state’s electricity, would be dealt a harsh blow under the EPA’s inflexible regulatory hand.

We need Sens. Byron Dorgan and Kent Conrad to vote yes on the Murkowski Resolution and stop the EPA.

North Dakotans want climate change policies to be created by elected officials, sent to Washington, D.C. by voters, not by unelected bureaucrats.

The resolution of disapproval is S.J.Res. 26

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