Bill to Limit Political Speech Postponed in House

The House Rules Committee did not take up H.R. 5175, the DISCLOSE Act, to limit political speech, on Thursday as originally scheduled, and the full House will not consider the bill before it breaks today for the Memorial Day recess.

Roll Call,House Won’t Consider DISCLOSE Act Until After Recess
Hans von Spakovsky, The Corner, “DISCLOSE Developments

It’s not only free speech advocates and business groups who oppose the legislation. The National Right to Life Committee has sent a letter to the House explaining its strong opposition. Excerpt:

There is very little in this bill, despite the pretenses, that is actually intended to provide useful or necessary information to the public. The overriding purpose is precisely the opposite: To discourage, as much as possible, disfavored groups (such as NRLC) from communicating about officeholders, by exposing citizens who support such efforts to harassment and intimidation, and by smothering organizations in layer on layer of record keeping and reporting requirements, all backed by the threat of civil and criminal sanctions. Indeed, the bill would benefit from a truth-in-labeling amendment to clarify that “DISCLOSE” actually stands for “Deterring Independent Speech about Congress except by Labor Organizations and Selected Elites.”

Supporters hope to still pass the bill in time before the July 4th recess so the new law can apply its long train of abuses and usurpations in time for the November elections.

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