At the White House, Remarks about Cross-Border Trucking Issue

President Obama and President Calderon of Mexico released a joint statement after their meeting today, and they also held a media availability. The most direct reference we find to the cross-border trucking and tariffs issue came in the availability from President Calderon:

Together, we should increase our exporting capacity in a contest of growing competitiveness among different regions of the world.  We talked about the different obstacles that are there for complying with transportation obligations that have been established at NAFTA, a situation that impacts jobs, companies and consumers in Mexico and in the United States.  And we shall work in order to achieve a quick solution with a constructive, creative solution in the long term in this and many other areas. 

The joint statement also had this diplomatic language:

The Presidents agreed that safe, efficient, secure, and compatible transportation is a prerequisite for mutual economic growth.  They committed to continuing their countries’ cooperation in system planning, operational coordination, and technical cooperation in key modes of transportation.

So that’s it.

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