Wind is Good, Oil is Good

By April 30, 2010Energy

President Obama traveled to the Midwest this week, highlighting non-fossil fuel energy projects along the way. He stopped Tuesday at the Siemens Wind Turbine Blade Manufacturing Plant in Fort Madison, Iowa. On Wednesday, he visited the POET Biorefining plant in Macon, Mo.

Great. The more energy and the more varied energy sources, the better.

In the President’s effort to highlight hotbeds of energy innovation and expansion, we hope the next place he heads to is the Williston Basin in North Dakota. The advances in seismic exploration, hydrofracturing and directional drilling have added billions of barrels of oil to America’s energy resources.

From AP, “New oil reservoir rivals rich Bakken formation; ND recoverable oil reserves nearly double“:

BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) – An oil reservoir in western North Dakota holds nearly as much recoverable crude as the rich Bakken shale formation above it, a new state study shows.

The study released Thursday by North Dakota’s Industrial Commission said current technology could lead to the recovery of about 1.9 billion barrels in the Three Forks-Sanish formation.

Interest is running high. From The Bismarck Tribune, “Oil conference blows doors off previous numbers“:

Ron Ness, director of the North Dakota Petroleum Council, estimates there’ll be 2,500 people at the 18th annual Williston Basin Petroleum Conference and Expo, nearly twice as many as attended in 2008, the last year it was held in North Dakota.

The buzz is all about the Bakken formation — blowing the door off production records for North Dakota — and Ness said the conference has morphed into a business development opportunity for everything from gravel hauling companies from eastern North Dakota, to investment and banking representatives..

“People are looking for ways to enter into the Bakken and become part of the economic opportunity,” Ness said. “The conference is shaping up to be the biggest oil event north of Houston.”

The conference website is here. Good agenda, too. Bismarck can be beautiful the first week in May.

Northwestern North Dakota is the center of the Bakken formation work, the Williston Basin spreads far and wide. Speakers are also coming from Montana, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and South Dakota.

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