The ‘High’ in High-Road Contracting Also Includes Taxes

The Daily Caller reports, “Rosa DeLauro says ‘High Road’ government contracting policy is coming“:

Democratic lawmakers seemingly confirmed this week that the White House is planning to roll out its “High Road” contracting policy in the near future. The proposal would seek to leverage federal contracting to change labor and wage standards for private sector companies bidding on federal contracts.

The High Road policy would give preference to bidders that pay workers a “living wage” and provide other benefits such as health insurance, pensions and paid sick days.

Supporters including labor unions and left-leaning think-tanks say many workers on federal contracts are paid poverty-level wages and cost the taxpayer more through food stamps and other public assistance. Business groups argue the program would hurt small businesses, increase the cost of federal contracting and heavily favor unionized companies bidding on contracts.

Taxpayer groups probably have an opinion, too, since it’s taxpayers who ultimately pay for the higher-cost federal projects.

The Daily Caller has been covering the high road issue more thoroughly than any other media outlet we’ve seen. Indeed, for a relatively recent Internet upstart, it seems to be breaking more news than other operations of its kind. Congrats.

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