The CPSIA Serves as a Cautionary Example

By April 5, 2010Regulations

From Hugh Hewitt, a leader among bloggers and radio talk show hosts in bringing attention to the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, “Obamacare and CPSIA –How the Latter Predicts the Future of the Former“:

CPSIA is the perfect example of how Congress operates in a vacuum, removed from the realities of the problems the legislators believe they are addressing, and so embarrassed by their failures that they refuse to return to the scene of their screw-ups to repair the damage.

I know about the CPSIA because three of my law partners specialize in the Act and I hear every day about the latest large, compulsory expenditure on compliance.  I am going to broadcast from Las vegas today, where CPSC Commissioner Anne Northup is addressing the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association and hope to bring more attention to the law and its widespread impact.  (Northup’s blog is here and I hope she leads off today’s show.) Columnists like Friedman are great cheerleaders of theory, but they ought occasionally to visit the practice of Congressional mandates.  They would discover a much quicker way towards job creation –which is for Congress to confront their massive mistakes of the past before creating even more for the future.

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