Says Lots about the D.C.-Area Economy

The Washington Post today unveils its new weekly business supplement, Capital Business, inserted in a trial run in home-delivery copies and available online in a digital version. summarizes:

Headed by editor Dan Beyers, the new business title will offer a mix of enterprise reporting, analysis and commentary, industry trend-watching, and profiles of local entrepreneurs and businesses, with coverage of government contracting, tech, finance, real estate and legal issues. Beyers said: “Capital Business is intended to help the business community navigate the region’s dynamic economy at a time of great change and opportunity.”

Noting the “extraordinary emergence” of the capital-area business scene, Steve Hills, The Washington Post‘s president and general manager, promised: “Every issue should produce a potential lead to a business opportunity or tell our business audience something they didn’t know.”

Good luck. The Post dropped its separate business section a while ago, and it’s good to see coverage coming back in another form.

Today’s lead story does say lots about the local economy, that is, its reliance on government, “The pieces are in place for the next great burst of business across the region“:

The pieces are now in place for the next great burst of business in Washington. There is a new wave of government activism underway, and with it, new opportunities for the private sector: Cutting down on paperwork in the health-care system, developing greener energy supplies, making information more secure, overhauling education. And following the last three booms, Washington has more skilled workers and capacity for businesses to grow than ever — including hundreds of now-seasoned executives who have built companies, and are ready to do it again.

Makes you wonder whether there was a piece in the Post or Star or other Washington newspapers in early 1942, “Boom Time: Local businesses to expand to serve overseas activism.”

In other Washington Post specials, Politico reports, “Health care reform: The book!“:

A few weeks back, publisher PublicAffairs and the Washington Post announced they were teaming up for an “instant” book on the recent passage of health care reform.

“Landmark: The Inside Story of America’s New Health-Care Law and What It Means For Us All” will come out April 26, earlier than expected since “the project has moved exceptionally quickly,” according to PublicAffairs publicity director Jaime Leifer. “[T]his book will be the first book on the new health care law, and will answer our most pressing questions about the legislation’s impact on individuals, small businesses, and the health-care industry.”


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