Report from America: Annapolis, after the Session

Thank you to Kathy Snyder, President and CEO of the Maryland Chamber of Commerce, for inaugurating what we intend to become regular reports on state issues from business and trade association leaders. We’re adapting the early blog category, “Report from America,” for these interviews and soon, we hope, podcasts.

We turn first to Annapolis. The Maryland General Assembly adjourned a week ago Monday, completing a legislative session that avoided tax increases and other additional government spending and programs that could have damaged the state’s business environment. In this 12-minute interview, Kathy highlights key developments during the sessions, such as a compromise that kept the state’s unemployment fund solvent while not adding permanent new costs to business. Another top issues included relief from new storm-water management rules that were unnecessarily burdensome.

Given the state’s slowly recovering economy and the upcoming elections, lawmakers were on good (restrained) behavior, the Chamber President reported. The concern is that 2011 may be different, and the Chamber is already working to prevent a new rush to taxes in the next session of the General Assembly.

The Chamber has posted its legislative recap here. You can also follow the association’s work at its blog, here.

And again, the interview is here, a 12-minute .mp3.

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