Promoting Entrepreneurship and the Rule of Law

By April 27, 2010Trade

The Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship continues today at the Ronald Reagan Building here in Washington, D.C., part of the White House’s initiative to reach out to predominantly Muslim countries by encouraging small business ownership. As the President said in his remarks last evening:

We’ve come together today because of what we share — a belief that we are all bound together by certain common aspirations.  To live with dignity.  To get an education.  To live healthy lives.  Maybe to start a business, without having to pay a bribe to anybody.  To speak freely and have a say in how we are governed.  To live in peace and security and to give our children a better future.

But we’re also here because we know that over the years, despite all we have in common, the United States and Muslim communities around the world too often fell victim to mutual mistrust.

And that’s why I went to Cairo nearly one year ago and called for a new beginning between the United States and Muslim communities — a new beginning based on mutual interest and mutual respect. 

Also speaking was Commerce Secretary Gary Locke (remarks). The National Association of Manufacturers issued a statement praising the effort.

Coverage from around the world:

A phrase — and principle — we did not see mentioned during the gathering yesterday was “rule of law.” It’s an unfortunate omission. The absence of rule of law discourages entrepreneurship.

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