President Obama: Modernize Export Controls. NAM: Yes

By April 17, 2010Trade

Reuters, reporting on President Obama’s most recent call for modernizing the U.S. system of export controls, comments made at his meeting with economic advisors Friday. From “Obama eyes export control reforms to boost exports“:

“We are losing business opportunities unnecessarily,” Obama said in a meeting with outside economic advisers just days before Secretary of Defense Roberts Gates is expected to lay out plans for revamping U.S. export controls.

U.S. manufacturers have long complained they are losing high-tech sales to competitors in Europe and Asia because of cumbersome rules designed when the United States was locked in an ideological battle with the Soviet Union.

“We’re also, I actually think, impeding effective monitoring of our national security because if you have export controls across everything you’re not spending time focusing on the handful of things that really do touch on sensitive national security,” Obama said

On April 13, the National Association of Manufacturers issued a news release announcing the NAM’s “Manufacturers Blueprint for a 21st Century Export Control Regime.” The blueprint is available here.

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