New Emission Standards for Boilers — They’re a Big Deal

By April 30, 2010Regulations, Technology

This afternoon EPA’s Deputy Assistant Administrator for Air and Radiation briefed stakeholders on the release of proposed air emission standards on industrial boilers (Boiler MACT standards).

The EPA’s proposal would impose stricter emission requirements through imposition of “Maximum Achievable Control Technology” to reduce mercury emissions, among other pollutants.

Manufacturers are closely following these regulations, for good reason. An industrial boiler is a closed vessel found in a factory, refinery, or large institution such as a hospital, that is fired to generate steam, usually used to expedite a manufacturing process. Industrial boilers are found in all industrial sectors, including the paper, chemical and refining sectors. Most operators fire their boilers by using natural gas, coal or biomass.

The proposal will be subject to a 45-day comment period following its publication in the Federal Register. Manufacturers are currently reviewing the proposed rule and related documents and will work through the NAM’s Air Quality Task Force to develop comments. EPA documents related to the proposal can be found at

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