Industry Today: On the Rise

By April 19, 2010Economy

The cover story in the latest Industry Today entitled “On the Rise” deals with the materials handling industry, but we hope it the description can be more generally applied.

The magazine gave John Engler, president of the National Association of Manufacturers, an opportunity to talk about competitiveness and the recent Milken Institute research report, “Jobs for America: Investments and Policies for Economic Growth and Competitiveness.”

Engler’s comments remain timely as Congress gets set to debate financial regulation and legislation to extend federal government control over carbon dioxide.

America’s unemployment rate has settled in around the distressing 10 percent figure, even as the U.S economy increasingly shows sign of recovery. Not surprisingly, the public and politicians alike have united behind a pressing need to create jobs.

Manufacturers agree, but also offer the reminder that it’s the private sector that best creates sustainable growth and employment, the foundation of a strong U.S. economy. Achieving these goals depends on the ability of manufacturers in the United States to compete in the global marketplace.

If elected officials are serious about reducing double-digit unemployment, they must enact policies that maintain and improve U.S. competitiveness.

As always, Industry Today is handsomely illustrated and laid-out. And it’s the best place we know to get a good sense of Brazilian industry, too.

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