Including the Positive Reaction to President’s Energy Proposal

The National Association of Manufacturers’ statement from Executive Vice President Jay Timmons, “Manufacturers Urge Continued Expansion of Offshore Development.”

American Petroleum Institute, a statement from President Jack Gerard:

The announcement by President Obama and Secretary Salazar is a positive development. We look forward to reviewing the details of the proposal, and we stand ready to work with them to make this a reality. We appreciate the administration’s recognition of the importance of developing our nation’s oil and natural gas resources to create jobs, generate revenues and fuel our nation’s economy.

Exploring for and developing our nation’s offshore resources could help generate more than a trillion dollars in revenues and create thousands of jobs to add to the already 9.2 million jobs supported by today’s oil and natural gas industry.

As we move forward, we hope that consideration can be given to other resource-rich regions, such as the Destin Dome area of the Eastern Gulf and areas off the Pacific Coast and Alaska. We also need to ensure that the permitting processes are handled in an expeditious way. The oil and natural gas industry has a proven track record of safe oil and natural gas development and the majority of the American people recognize this by supporting greater offshore development for the benefit of their communities, their states and their nation.

Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell, “White House Decision Ensures Virginia will be First State on Eastern Seaboard to Produce Natural Gas and Oil Offshore“:

I thank the President and Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar for ensuring Virginia will be the first state on the East Coast to explore for and produce energy offshore. The President’s decision to allow energy exploration off Virginia’s coast will mean thousands of new jobs, hundreds of millions in new state revenue and tens of billions of dollars in economic impact for the Commonwealth. It will also help our nation take a further step towards energy independence. Environmentally-safe offshore energy exploration and production is good for Virginia workers, the Virginia economy and national security. Just this session the General Assembly passed, with bipartisan support, legislation I requested to authorize offshore oil and gas exploration and drilling and to allocate 80% of revenues to transportation and 20% to green energy research and development.

Ilya Shapiro, Cato Institute, at NRO’s The Corner:

While there’s plenty to quibble with in the president’s announcement – from continued waffling on nuclear energy to the awkward use of a “green” fighter jet as a prop – those who have assailed his pie-in-the-sky energy policy need to give him his due. Coming late to the party, after all, is better than washing your hair all night out of spite.

And so Republicans, conservatives, tea partiers, libertarians, and all others who have (rightly) criticized Obama on health care, cap-and-trade, never-ending “stimulus,” auto bailouts, ending D.C. school vouchers, and the rest of his domestic agenda have to acknowledge that for once he’s doing something right. Yes, the president should be more open to Pacific and Alaska drilling – though there may be a bit of the latter now – but he’s finally made a good decision (however grudgingly).

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, “Obama’s Energy Plan Will Create Jobs, Increase Security“:

Today’s announcement will help create jobs and strengthen our national security as we move away from foreign sources of oil.  Andrews Air Force Base was a fitting setting for today’s remarks, because enhancing our energy independence is critical to our national security.  One of the most significant things we can do to bolster our security is to free ourselves from relying on other nations for oil, by increasing domestic production, reducing consumption, and developing alternatives.  The plan put forward today will help us determine what resources are available to us, and how to appropriately tap into those resources, keeping in mind the need to protect our environment. The Obama Administration’s plan is another key step as we move toward energy independence.

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