Friday Factory Tune: Mountain Greenery

More of a May Day tune, really, a production number of one of our favorites, “Mountain Greenery,” from a 1966 TV show, “Rodgers and Hart Today.” It’s quite a lineup: The Doodletown Pipers, Bobby Darin, Petula Clark, the Supremes. Really. The Doodletown Pipers!

Rodgers & Hart Today – 1967 (Part 4)
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Alas, the above version doesn’t have the introductory lyrics.

On the first of May
it’s a moving day;
spring is here, so blow your job-
throw your job away;

Now the time to trust
to your wonderlast.
In the city’s dust you wait
must you wait?
Just you wait;

But Ella Fitzgerald sings them here. And Frank Crumit, whose version we cited last year, crooned the intro all the way back in 1926, here.

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