De Gustibus This, Alleged Center for Supposed Science

By April 28, 2010General, Regulations

USA TODAY carries a long, multiple source story, “Buyers’ tastes make dashing salt for health not so easy,” building on last week’s report from the Institute of Medicine calling on the federal government to force manufacturers and restaurants to reduce the amount of salt in food.

In an April 21st post, we wrote:

With the war on salt gaining in activity, expect to see many news reports cite the Center for Science in the Public Interest as some sort of disinterested observer, “scientists” working on important issues. Reporters who do so are misleading the public about the group’s agenda, which correlates closely to the agenda of the trial lawyers.

From the USA TODAY story:

“Salt is the single most harmful element in our food supply, silently killing about 100,000 people each year,” says Michael Jacobson, executive director of the Washington, D.C.-based Center for Science in the Public Interest. “That’s like a crowded jetliner crashing every single day. But the food industry has fended off government action for more than three decades.”

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