Crazy, as in Crazy Good, Months for Stimulus-Linked Factory

By April 5, 2010Economy, Energy, Trade

The Philadelphia Inquirer profiles the Bridesburg, Pa., window factory thrust into the news by the Obama Administration, reporting on “Northeast Building Products – the window factory that Washington has anointed its star of stimulus spending.” The latest bout of attention came Friday, when Housing and Urban Development Secretary Shaun Donovan toured the plant, guided by company owner Alan Levin. (The company’s website is here.)

From “‘Crazy’ months for stimulus-linked factory“:

“You are the best example in the country,” Donovan told Levin, “of what the economic recovery act has done in getting the economy back on track.”

Not one of the best. The best.

Since last summer, more than $100 million in stimulus funds has flowed from HUD into Philadelphia’s housing and redevelopment agencies – and from there into construction-related businesses. At Northeast Building Products, thousands of orders for windows have come in.

Along with reporting that sales are up 39 percent, The Inquirer adds nice personal details about the Levins, and in doing so, makes the point that the expansion of domestic manufacturing also embraces investment abroad.

On Monday, Fran and Alan Levin were packing for a family trip to Germany and England when they got the call from HUD. Donovan wanted to visit.

Fran and the couple’s two children canceled their vacation, but Alan had to keep an appointment to inspect a new $2 million production line made in Stuttgart, Germany.

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