Craig Becker Nominated to the NLRB…for a Third Time

By April 22, 2010Labor Unions

President has once again nominated Craig Becker to the powerful National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) yesterday despite the many, persistent concerns of the National Association of Manufacturers and the broader employer community. Bipartisan Senate opposition stemming from his radical views of labor law had previously blocked Becker’s confirmation, but the President moved ahead with a recess appointment over the Easter Recess to seat Mr. Becker directly to the NLRB. This recess appointment lasts through the end of the next session of the Senate, effectively December 2011. The term that Becker has been once again nominated for is a five-year term ending December 16, 2014.

We have opposed the nomination of Craig Becker to the NLRB because of his detailed writings suggesting he will seek to implement significant policy changes through NLRB actions that go counter to the principles of fairness and balance that are inherent in our labor law system. As we’ve previously highlighted, labor leaders see the new NLRB as an opportunity to put parts of the jobs-killing Employee Free Choice Act into place without Congressional approval. While we are disappointed with this renewed push to make Becker a long-term member of the Board, we will remain vigilant in watching the Board’s actions.

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