Coming Soon, the CPSIA Database of Allegations

By April 9, 2010General, Regulations

The Consumer Product Safety Commission’s staff has released a draft notice of proposed rulemaking on the establishment of a searchable consumer database under Section 212 of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA). The Commission will vote on the draft next Thursday, April 15.

Hugh Hewitt has just written an alarming column on the mandated database, “The Database that Ate American Business“:

Very few people outside of the commissioners and employees of the Consumer Products Safety Commission, a few business lawyers and the legion of left-wing so-called “consumer activists” know much about the countdown to the new “database,” but by this time next year American business will be reeling from the launch of what will become a government sponsored virtual bulletin board for the serial slandering of American manufacturing.

Reputations will be ruined and brands deeply damaged once the Congressionally-mandated internet bulletin board becomes operational.

Hugh has more on the topic at his blog at

The database is expected to be located at, where the CPSC has already put up information on the proposal.

Last September, the CPSC issued a report to Congress, “Report to Congress Pursuant to Section 212 of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 — Implementation of a Searchable Consumer Product Safety Incident Database.” In January, the CPSC also held a public workshop on the database provisions.

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