Clean Energy Products Can Be Exported, Too

By April 23, 2010Trade

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spoke earlier this month at the Energy and Climate Partnership of the Americas (ECPA) Ministerial, hosted by the Inter-American Development Bank. From her remarks, which outlined progress in expanding the use of cleaner-energy technology in the Caribbean, Central America and South America:

Governments and businesses are investing in new technologies and new sources of energy. And these efforts do have global significance. But we have to use our own creativity and our commitment to bring these efforts to scale. We need sustainable and, yes, profitable solutions that bring more and more dollars into the marketplace. And we have a chance to do that – to create not only progress on energy innovation that will save people money, that will use indigenous sources of energy, but which will also help us fight climate change.

Our emphasis.

The United States boasts many outstanding manufacturrers of clean-energy technologies. Their products could be exported more profitably if the White House were to submit U.S. free trade agreements with Colombia and Panama to Congress for enactment, and if Congress were to support these agreements to expand trade opportunities for U.S. manufacturers.


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