Card Check: Trumka Says

By April 30, 2010General, Labor Unions

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka was on the show, Political Topline, on Thursday. He was asked about the Employee Free Choice Act. Here’s the exchange:

Interviewer:* Can we say Employee Free Choice Act, not going to happen this year? Maybe next year. Just off the table right now?

Trumka: No, I wouldn’t say that at all. We’re looking at ways to bring that up as we speak right now, to look at things to attach it to. We’re still fighting, and here’s why.

Talking points follow. Then…

Trumka: We’re pushing it very, very heartily. The president supports it. The vice president supports it. The vast majority of the Senate and the House support it, and the American public supports labor law reform in the country now.

Interviewer: With all that support, you’d think we would have seen a vote by now.

Sound clip of the segment. More at ABC’s The Note.

* We don’t immediately recognize the news anchors and don’t quickly spot their identifications.

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