Cape Window on America’s Competitive Soul

The Wall Street Journal takes an appropriately jaundiced view of the Department of Interior’s approval of the Cape Wind offshore wind-energy farm in an editorial today, “Cape Windbags.”

We didn’t the project’s scope had been reduced.

Mr. Salazar is also requiring the project to scale back to 130 turbines from 170 and clear more environmental reviews, including “additional seabed surveys to ensure that any submerged archaeological resources are protected.” That’s to protect those submerged tribal burial grounds; opponents had tried to get the Atlantic Ocean added to the National Register for Historic Places. Seriously.

And …

Meanwhile, contemplate this depressing change in America’s can-do spirit: The 6.6 million-ton Hoover Dam that tamed the mighty Colorado River was finished in 1936 after a mere five years. Yet 130 offshore wind turbines, a pioneering project of President Obama’s “new energy economy,” may take three times as long to complete.

Here’s a time-lapse video of the construction of Hoover Dam. Put a lot of people to work. Helped electrify the west and produced agriculture bounty.


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