Andy Stern: My Work Here is Done

By April 14, 2010Labor Unions

A statement from Sal Rosselli, Interim President of the National Union of Healthcare Workers (NUHW), a union that went to battle against the SEIU.

Stern’s multi-million-dollar fights against NUHW and Unite Here have diverted resources away from healthcare reform and employee free choice, weakening the former and scuttling the latter. These wars of choice have taken a toll on the union’s finances as well as on Stern’s credibility.

Stern’s departure would leave SEIU with a crisis of leadership. His likely successors, Mary Kay Henry and Anna Burger, have been tarred by the same ethics scandals and failed policies that marred his tenure. Stern’s legacy is that SEIU has become a rogue union, undemocratic, unable to pay its bills, and unwilling to defend its members at the national level.

Rosselli previously served as president of the third largest SEIU affiliate and the International Union’s executive council.

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