AFL-CIO’s Trumka: ‘We’ll Find Something to Tack it On’

By April 29, 2010Labor Unions

Ben Smith of Politico follows up on AFL-CIO dropping its Employee Free Choice Act banner from the side of its luxurious downtown D.C. headquarters, asking AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka about the legislation’s prospects. .

AFL-CIO President said the Employee Free Choice Act, which had apparently been left for dead by congressional Democrats, remains a top priority of the federation.

The AFL removed a giant EFCA banner from its Washington headquarters today, prompting speculation of a quiet concession of defeat.

“It was just starting to rip,” he said. “We’ll put up another one. We’re still working hard.”

“We’ll find something to tack it on,” he said (of the legislation, not the banner).

Yep, that’s the fear.

As for Trumka’s vow to rehoist the pro-EFCA message, we seriously doubt the next banner touts the undemocratic Employee Free Choice Act. Seems like the AFL-CIO has decided that it’s more politically promising to attack Wall Street than it is to make the case for forcing employees to join unions against their will.

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